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WELCOME to our Online Shop. We pride ourselves on selling only the best books and resources for autism spectrum disorders.

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Autism Resources Online Shop

Books, Timers and Sensory Tools for autism spectrum disorder

NZD10.00Dr Barman’s™ Super Brush
NZD4.00Pencil Grip - Standard
NZD4.00Pencil Grip - Pinch Grip
NZD4.00Pencil Grip - Cross-over
NZD20.00Easi-Grip® Scissors - Left Handed
NZD20.00Long Loop Self-Opening Scissors
NZD30.00Chewigem Necklace - Raindrop
NZD30.00Chewigem Board Pendant
NZD30.00Chewigem Necklace - Disc
NZD30.00Chewigem Dog Tag Necklace
NZD25.00Chewigem Tread Bangle
NZD15.00Chewigem Bangle
NZD25.00Chewigem Emotichew
NZD30.00Chewigem Hexichew
NZD25.00Chewigem Hand Fidget
NZD17.00Desk Buddy Ruler
NZD17.00Sensory Stixx
NZD17.00Tactile Tiger Brush
NZD17.00Senso Brush Oral Stimulater
NZD60.00Mini Bean Chair - Ages 1-6
NZD65.00Big Mini Bean Chair - Ages 6-12
NZD17.00Chewy Tube - T Shaped
NZD17.00Super Chewy Tube - Red
NZD17.00Super Chewy Tube - Green
NZD17.00Grip Stixx
NZD17.00Chew Stixx Tough Bar
NZD17.00Chew Stixx - Multi Texture Cross
NZD17.00Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers - Shapes
NZD17.00Chew Sixx Pencil Toppers - Plain
NZD17.00Chew Stixx - Junior
NZD60.00Sensory Mat
NZD4.00Punki Wrist Band
NZD1.00Spinning Top
NZD4.00Smiley Face Stress Ball
NZD5.00Twist Puzzle Key Chain